Why Platinum Series Lights?

Platinum Series LED Lights utilize the most COMPLETE SPECTRUM on the market today by utilizing our 11 DIFFERENT BANDS of LEDs to achieve maximum photosynthesis and yields. No other LED grow light on the market can touch it!

Our complete spectrum of 11 bands of LED lights include: 380nm/415nm/440nm/460nm/480nm/615nm/630nm/660nm/720nm/740nm/760nm

Platinum Series LED Lights use only top quality 3w high output LEDs from makers such as US made Bridgelux and Epistar which further ensure the brightest, most complete spectrum possible. What’s more, with top quality LED drivers set a static 650mA of output, you’re guaranteed a lifespan in the 30,000+ hour range.

All Platinum Series Lights come with a no questions asked 5 year COMPLETE warranty on all lights! If for any reason your light fails within this time period, we will either fix it or replace it, guaranteed.

All Platinum Series LED Lights come with some of the lowest prices per watt on the market. Compare us to the rest! You simple cannot purchase a higher quality, lower priced output. Period.


50 x 3w LEDS


100 x 3w LEDS


150 x 3w LEDS


200 x 3w LEDS


300 x 3w LEDs


400 x 3w LEDs


100 x 3w + 8 x 10w CREE XM-L2


225x 3w + 18 x 10w CREE XM-L2